Big Data: Assembling; Storing; Deciphering

About the Class

Big data rolled out into the spotlight not that long ago.

But the pace with which it rockets through the business industries and IT sector is impressive.

The reason for such a popularity is quite straightforward: the data analysis. By collecting, storing and deciphering vast amounts of pattern of behavior, user and traffic data and sales reports companies are now able to market themselves ad their internal processes much more efficiently.


Thomas Barbie is an extraordinarily successful data miner and analyst.

He's setup his very own concept for systemizing, storing and handling that information the right way.

Tom's system since've been used by a multitude of Fortune 500 companies, including Bosch, Samsung, Apple.

He will be teaching you and thousands more students, whoi're eager to master this new science of big data.

We will teach you how to turn unmeaningful, batch portions of data into a goldmine that will provide you with unique business and marketing insights and analytics!




Jun 15th, 2016
2 months
16 classes in total


87 Tennesee hwy.,
Alexandria, VA, USA, 22303

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